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Northwestern Motor Company (NMC) began operations in the 1930s with a line of railroad maintenance equipment. In 1939, the company designed and introduced a rugged tow tractor - and tow tractors remain a core product line. In 1932, NMC acquired the Swinger brand utility front-end articulated wheel loaders. 

In 1994, the shareholders of NMC purchased Wollard Airport Equipment Company's broad line of aviation ground support equipment, which included baggage belts loaders, mobile passenger stairs, water and lavatory service trucks and maintenance lifts. In 2000, NMC and WollardAirport Equipment Company combined into one company named NMC-Wollard, Inc. In 2014 the Swinger brand name was replaced with NMC. 

Today, NMC-WOLLARD designs, manufactures, markets and services a broad line of aviation ground support equipment, industrial tow tractors, and front-end articulated loader/tool carriers. The company is an industry leader in aviation ground support equipment. Its products can be found throughout the world, supporting commercial and corporate aviation and military operations.

Operationally, NMC-WOLLARD is a fully integrated manufacturer with metal fabricating, welding, painting and assembly capabilities. Our comprehensive capabilities help to ensure that our products consistently live up to their reputation of high quality, durability, and dependability.

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