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NMC-Wollard EquipmentModel BT
Economical, Simple Tow Tractor

Model BT has 4,500 lbs. DBP rating. Built on a Chevrolet chassis, the Model BT has diesel engine standardógas available. 2 and 4-wheel drive available. Features Allison transmission with separate cooler.

NMC-Wollard EquipmentModel M42 (Mule)
Utility Vehicle

Tows and pushes up to 5,000 lbsócarries up to 2,500 lbs. Features crab, coordinated and 2-wheel steering. 4WD axles are limited slip, dual planetary reduction types (multiply torque and tractive effort). Has dual range hydro/mechanical drive. Engine is Kubota turbocharged 4-cylinder diesel. Available accessories include cab, broom, plow, crane, maintenance platform, work light and power inverter.

NMC-Wollard EquipmentMT3
Versatile Tow Tractor/Utility Vehicle

Model MT3 tow tractor/utility vehicle has 8,000 to 12,000 lbs. DBP rating, 2,500 lbs. load carry rating, 4WD and planetary reduction drive axles. Engine is a 3.6 liter diesel coupled to a 2-speed electronic shift transmission. Features low maintenance wet disk brakes. Model MT-3 is a rugged 0tractor in a compact package.

NMC-Wollard EquipmentModel MB4
Tow Tractor

Model MB4 has a 16,000 lbs. DBP rating. A short wheelbase and 4 wheel steering make the MB4 highly maneuverable. Tractor features a turbocharged 6-cylinder Cummins engine coupled to a 6-speed automatic Powershift transmission. Drive axles have 45% limited slip differentials for maximum traction.

NMC-Wollard EquipmentModel MB2 Tow Tractor
High Capacity Push Back

Model MB2 cab-forward, low profile pushback tractor features 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering. DBP ratings from 25,000 lbs. to 48,000 lbs. -- our highest capacity pushback tractor. Engine is a 190 hp, 6.7 liter Cummins diesel coupled to a Funk Powershift with 6-speeds forward and 3 in reverse. Differentials are no-slip typesówith torque multiplying planetary reduction at the hubs.

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