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NMC-Wollard EquipmentTC-888
Mobile Belt Loader

The first thing you will notice is the unique tubular wrap-around steel bumper design, which is ideal for deflecting ramp impacts and protects both the belt loader and other ramp equipment from damage. The modular engine/transmission design makes maintenance and repairs quick and simple. The unit is available in gas, diesel, and electric - both AC and DC. Further, with the unique modular engine design we offer electric AC or DC field retrofit kits. The GVW is another unique feature; with the growing popularity of alternative fuels, the lighter, but durable GVW chassis allows for more fuel-efficient operations while achieving 2,000 pound fully inclined operational capacity.

NMC-Wollard Tow Tractors NMC-Wollard EquipmentModel 60
Baggage Tractor

Our smallest tractor with 3,000 to 6,000 DBP. Loaded with standard features including power steering, power assist 4-wheel brakes, and the most rugged frame in the industry. Applications include, light cargo, baggage handling, and pushback for regional jets. This model can be powered with gas, diesel, LPG or CNG. NMC-WOLLARD specializes in tow tractor customization with many factory-installed options available.

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