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Drawbar Pull Tug Selection Refresher

January 10, 2018


The industry standard for aircraft tractor capacity is 10 x the Drawbar Pull (DBP). However often when customers ask OEM's they do not factor grades, weather conditions and engine idle. That is why we never blind quote projects and always take the time to learn your operation. This will ensure your fleet is working optimally for years.


Questions for safe aircraft handling?


What is the largest aircraft you will be moving (MTOW)?

Do you anticipate managing larger aircraft within the next 15 years?

What significant ramps or grades do you have?

Do you have snow and ice on your ramp?

Is there a ridge on any hangar thresholds?

Do you tow across an active runway?

Do you have engine idle during pushback?


Taking the time to clarify these questions is well worth the effort to guarantee the right tug is selected.


Need help? Just email your question to custserv@NMC-Wollard.com

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